Sunday, February 12, 2012

We are under the Omophor of His Grace Archbishop Sofrony of America, Canada, and Australia.  and   His Holiness Metropolitan Bishop Leonty of
Braila...Bela Krinitsa Hierarchy. We never left them, disagreement, resolved
for years now.  +The Lord Bless.  Acting Abbott Father Matthew.


Blogger Eucherius said...

Father Bless!
It has been a very long time since I've visited this blog. I visited the blog several years after your initial troubles and prayed for you as I did not have the means to donate. Yet I always wondered what ever became of your monastery? I had read in a Russian blog, I believe it was called something like "Old Believer.bravejournal," an attack against your monastery and all of you that was rude questioning the sincerity of your conversion to Old Orthodoxy from Roman Catholicism. Though this site is now defunct apparently. It brought me great joy to read that you are now in communion again with the Archbishop Sofrony!
Will there be any more posts again in the future? When you celebrate the Liturgy and the Seven Services are they said entirely in Church Slavonic? Please forgive me but I have many questions. I am an Orthodox Christian (baptized by full immersion thrice in the Orthodox Church) and have been studying Old Orthodoxy for over a year as best I can without being literate, other than a few words from memorized prayers, in any Slavic language. Are the Old Orthodox interested in evangelism in North America? Personally I already pray according to the Old Rite but am still quite uncertain on many issues pertinent to making the decision to become an Old Ritualist Orthodox Believer because I just can't find enough information/explanation.
Bless Father!
Asking your prayers!

8:13 PM  
Blogger mariam baurice said...

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